The Spinner


I’m Morag Spinner. (Not pictured above.) I practice witchcraft. I honor the gods. I write about it all here.

You may have found me because I have a tendency to get angry online. This is true. It’s not all I am, however. Just a very large portion.

About Morag

I live in British Columbia, where I was born and raised for the first half of my formative years. The second half of those years was spent in Maui, Hawai’i, before I came back to the land of my birth.

British Columbia will be where I live for the rest of my life.

In 2015 I married Mr. Morag, or the Ogre. He’s militantly agnostic, but he goes to pagan parties and has at least one god knocking on his door but that is…well, what do I know? I’m not a god. Maybe someday Mr. Morag will be interested. Stranger things have happened.

As of writing this (April 2020) I live in Powell River with my mother, Wolffy. I came up here to work, with the intention of going back to the Lower Mainland once a month to see my husband. Then there was a pandemic, and, well. Thank the gods for Discord voice and video chats.

I was just about to write a little bit of “In my non-witch life” but the truth is, there is no non-witch life. I work at the hospital here and my training is as an MOA, or Medical Office Assistant. That path didn’t happen by accident; pretty sure I have Brighid to thank.

When not putting in hours at the hospital, I write, and that’s also pretty tied into my magical and religious life (hi, Brighid). My (mostly) fantasy fiction and my poetry is published under the name Katje van Loon, and can be found here.

About the Blog

I started blogging my witch life in 2007, I want to say. I don’t rightly remember and don’t feel like looking it up right now.

This blog has gone through many iterations over the years. Currently it’s named Everyday Magic, and that’s stuck for a while. We will see if it continues to stick.

One of the constant things in my life is change. I change my websites all the time. I’m the person who starts rearranging furniture at 2am. Restlessness is probably my middle name.

Yet I also crave routine and order. Predictability. That tension is something that will crop up here often.

To that end, what you find here is a grab bag. A hodge podge. Sometimes it’s poetic renditions of ritual, other times it’s swear-word-laden rants. Sometimes it’s regular posting, others it’s months of silence.

I try to tag things so that they’re findable again, but as change is a constant, my tagging system has changed over the years. Every so often I’ll do blog clean-up. Hopefully that will keep this place more or less readable, so you can find what you’re looking for.

This isn’t just a place for me to noodle on my personal journey — if it were that, I’d just post in my private filter on Dreamwidth. I made it public so that other people could find inspiration or knowledge — so I could share what I’ve learned with the world.

Other places to find me

If you do Twitter, I have a profile there. I don’t post as much as I should, maybe, but I exist.

On Pinterest, I have several boards that act as shrines to the gods and I do devotional pinning.

Facebook: this blog has a page. Sometimes I update it.

Ko-fi: here I post blogs before they go public for any monthly or one-time supporters I have.