Rolling papers for spells? Really?

Picture painting time: it’s the dark moon and you have some banishing to do. Or it’s Valentine’s and you’ve just been dumped, and you want to light something on fire and also cut your ex out of your life. (We’ve all been there.)

Or, on a more positive note, you want to manifest your wishes by burning them and sending the smoke into the universe.

You find a spell that tells you to write something on a piece of paper and set fire to it. Ok, simple. Except there’s one little problem:

Most paper you’re going to find in your house on short notice takes forever to burn, gets smokey, and is generally a big mess and fire hazard.

When I do these spells, I need to do them over the sink if I want to be safe, and they still smoke up. Cough cough, hack hack. Ugh.

Flash paper is, of course, an option, but it’s an expensive and hard to find one. You could always make your own, but I’m a busy witch with shit to do. I don’t have time to DIY everything.

You know what’s not expensive and is fairly easy to find?

Rolling papers.

The brand I see most often in hippy BC is Pure Hemp, and it’s purchased by people who either roll their own cigarettes or their own…cigarettes (wink wink nudge nudge, it was just 4/20).

I happened to have a package kicking around (for legitimate, pot-smoking reasons) the other night when I was doing some small spell work to banish some bad habits. It suddenly occurred to me — hey, that’s a great thing to write things on and then burn. It’s pure hemp and it’s meant to be burned and the smoke inhaled, so it’s probably the safest paper I could burn.

I’m not really sure why this has never occurred to me before because it is, dare I say, fucking brilliant.

A thin felt-tip pen will handily write what you want on the paper without smudging. You can then burn it as is, or you can roll some herbs up in it and then set fire to it. It will burn out quickly and safely in a fireproof container of your choice.

Second Dark Moon Banishing Spell

So the first one I did was on Sunday, the 19th. Technically it was still waning crescent, but the energies of the dark moon were out and about.

I banished some shitty habits and feelings that don’t serve me. I only had my regular-size rolling papers on me, so I had to write it out on like four of them.

But it worked a treat. So when mom and I went out for needed groceries and supplies at the health food store which doubles as a witch shop, along with a beeswax tealight and some more crystals I picked up a package of King-Sized Pure Hemp rolling papers.

On Tuesday night, I did a secondary Dark Moon spell, but this time I wrote things on the paper in a positive, affirmation way. (The first spell I did I just wrote out what I wanted to banish.)

I was able to fit the whole spell on the paper, and signed it at the bottom. Lit my uncrossing candle, read out loud the words on the paper three times.

Then, for added oomph, I put some rosemary (exorcism, banishing) in the paper and rolled it up before burning it. The smoke I moved over my head and back, and felt whatever curses that are on me lose their strength.

It’s not a one-time deal. It’s an ongoing work. So the rolling papers are a good investment for that kind of work.

New Moon Manifestation

For this New Moon in Taurus, I decided to do some money manifestation, and I discovered another benefit to using rolling papers.

They’re so thin, you can use them to trace sigils.

Doesn’t that just make this whole business a lot easier?

I created two sigils for my manifestation work — one to have money flow to me effortlessly, and another for my creativity to flow unabated. When I was done, I traced the sigils onto a rolling paper each (king size), and then readied my spell.

A little while ago I bought beeswax “gala” style candles. Those are those ones that are almost like birthday cake candles, but a bit longer and thinner.

A king size rolling paper rolls around one of them perfectly.

A picture demonstrating one way to use rolling papers in spells and rituals. Two candles have rolling papers with sigils drawn on them around the body of the candles; as the candles burn, the papers go up in flame and the sigil's energy is released.
Spell in progress with the two candles and the papers sealed around them.

I didn’t have to trace the sigil into the candle. I didn’t have to try to mimic my lines perfectly onto a thicker piece of paper. This was one of the easiest sigil + candle spells I’ve ever worked.

I’m also happy to report that the papers, once on the candles, burned just fine. I even had money draw oil on them as well, and it didn’t screw up the burning of the candles for the spell. They burned down and the papers disappeared.

Now for the rest of this moon cycle, I can trace the sigils onto rolling papers again and just light them by themselves to keep the spell going.

New Favourite Spell Tool? Probably.

I’m going to be experimenting more with using rolling papers in my future spell endeavors. It’s possible there are uses I haven’t figured out yet.

Even if there aren’t, I now have something that simplifies things immensely without losing any power for the work. That’s a win-win-win.