31 Days of Polytheism

I found this meme at Merri-Todd’s blog, Antinous for Everybody. Likely I won’t be tackling it for a while, but wanted to get the page up now anyway.

  1. Introduction: Paganism/Polytheism & Your Path – Your story of how you came to your paganistic/polytheistic faith and what your current path is.
  1. Foundations: Cosmology – How you see the universe and its make-up.
  2. Foundations: Nature & Earth – How you view nature and the earth, and your relationship with it.
  3. Foundations: Day-to-Day Practice – An explanation of your day-to-day practices, and how you incorporate those practices into daily life.
  4. Foundations: Rites of Passage – How you see the “cycles of life,” and how you view reincarnation, death, the afterlife, and milestones.
  5. Foundations: Non-Theistic Beliefs – The non-theistic/secular aspects of your faith.
  6. Foundations: Tools, Altar/Shrine, & Sacred Space – General beliefs on tools, the altar/shrine, and your sacred space.
  7. Foundations: Places of Spiritual Significance – Any locations that you believe to be intrinsically holy.
  8. Foundations: Festivals & Calendar – The holidays in your path’s calendar year.
  1. Relationships: Gods/Deities/Pantheon – General beliefs on the deity or deities on your path, as well as how you came to the pantheon you now worship.
  2. Relationships: Patronage with the Deities – How close you believe your faith can allow you to be with the deity/deities of your path.
  3. Relationships: Relationship with a Deity or Deities – Your relationship with a specific deity or deities (can be considered patrons).
  4. Relationships: Other Relationships – Your relationship with any beings other then Gods, such as ancestors, spirits of the land, etc.
  5. Relationships: Deity Gender Roles – Gender roles as prescribed by the mythology of your path, and your beliefs of their gender roles.
  6. Relationships: Ritual, Worship, & Reverence – Your own way or worshiping and revering various deities, etc.
  7. Relationships: Priesthood & Clergy – Whether you have priests and clergy in your path, and what would normally entail within your path.
  1. Inspirations: Prayer & Reciprocity – Your beliefs on or practice of praying, and the Gods reactions to your prayers.
  2. Inspirations: Meditation – Your meditation practices.
  3. Inspirations: Ethics, Virtues, & Values – Both your own ethics and values, along with the ethics and values of your path.
  4. Inspirations: Divination and/or Magic – Your divination practices, and your view on magic according to your path, as well as the various magical practices of your faith.
  5. Inspirations: Mysticism and Philosophy – Beliefs in truths that are believed to be intuitive or above normal understanding, as well as beliefs that are rooted in rational investigation and knowledge and how they work together. (transcendental/intuitive vs scientific/historic/practical)
  6. Inspirations: Music, Poetry, Storytelling, Myth, & Aesthetics – What do you include in a ritual, and the aesthetics of ritual and/or magic.
  1. Experiences: Faith & Times of Need – An experience you had that you would not likely have come through without your faith.
  2. Experiences: Ritual and/or Magic – Your personal experiences with magic and/or rituals.
  3. Experiences: Other Explorations – Your experience with other paths and faiths, as well as beliefs you may incorporate into your practice from them.
  1. Everyday Life: Paganism/Polytheism & Family Life/Friends – How your conversion has affected your various relationships with your friends and family.
  2. Everyday Life: Paganism/Polytheism & Romance – How your conversion has affected your love life.
  3. Everyday Life: Paganism/Polytheism & Work/Career – How your conversion has affected your work/career.
  4. Everyday Life: Paganism/Polytheism & Community – You, your community, and your ties with other practitioners of your faith.
  1. Conclusion: Misconceptions – Clear up a misconception or more that you believe that most people nowadays have about your path/faith/religion.
  2. Conclusion: Advice to the Seeker – Any advice you have to give to others who are seeking a paganistic/polytheistic path.

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