Comment Policy

This blog is suddenly getting popular enough to warrant a comment policy, so here goes.

1. I approve most comments. Comments will not be approved if they are a) spammy, b) trolling, or c) contain excessively triggering language in them. Anger or lack of civility will not get your comment banned; personal insults that are incorrect will. It’s fat ogress, not troll, thank you very much.

2. Please try for readability. That means using punctuation, proper capitalization, etc. I’m not trying to be a grammar prescriptivist here; I just often have troubles parsing writing in general, and abandoning things like periods, commas, or capital letters will make my task much harder and give me a headache.

3. Comments close on posts older than 30 days, because I don’t have the metaphorical utensils to keep up with replying that far back. If you really really really want to comment on a post older than a month, email me: morag [dot] spinner [at] gmail [dot] com. This is no longer true. Comments are open on all posts. However, the comment about my utensil supply is true, so if you do comment on a post that’s older than a month I make no promises about getting back to you.

4. I don’t have the metaphorical utensils to reply to every comment, either, so if I don’t reply to every one of your comments please don’t take it personally. I do try to get to every single one, even if only with a word or two in response.