44 Days of Witchery, Day 10: Your sun sign

Shu Shu Lynn, ChubeLyn
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Leo. My birthday is the 14th, actually. 25 years of age!

And I am a quintessential Leo, let me tell you. Vain, loyal, proud, quick temper, self-centred, passionate, loving, generous. All me.

I also act like a cat. A lot. My (other) name is Dutch for little cat. I purr and meow. I love having the spot just below my ears, on my chin/neck area, scratched. When I’m mad, you can see my tail lashing. I hiss when things surprise me. (Door on the ferry tried to close on me yesterday. I hissed and jumped away, much to the confusion of a young couple and their son.)

I’m also born in the year of the tiger, and my Mayan astrology is a jaguar, so there are a lot of cat influences at work here.