44 Days of Witchery, Day 20: A picture of a tarot or oracle card, and its meaning.

This card is from “The 5 Keys to Happiness” oracle deck, which is based loosely on Tibetan teachings. The deck is by Gordon Smith and Dronma.

The deck is divided up into 5 suites: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Each element has 6 cards. 1 through 4 represent the 4 stages of life (embryo: potential, child: youthful qualities, adult: the direction of one’s life, elder: the shape of things to come), 5 is a ring of protection representing the subconscious mind, and 6 is a dragon of wisdom, representing the higher self in mythical form. There are also 4 Guardian King cards, which are not used within spreads. They’re used with mandala meditations (a mandala is provided with the deck) and sort of act as a “circle” for your spreads, much like one you might cast before doing a spell.

Closer look at the image on the card

This card is number 4 (elder, or the shape of things to come) of the Air element. Here is what the book says about it:

“This is the inner voice of wisdom, the ability to trust the intuitive messages from within.”

A figure is flying in swirling currents of air, and a bird is supported on its own currents, symbolizing whispered words of wisdom. The figure is crowned with a headdress of feathers and wind energies, symbolizing spiritual flight.

Positive: your mind is able to flow effortlessly on your spiritual journey. Your resulting actions are spontaneous and appropriate in all situations. You’re true to your inner self, clean and pure. You give credit where it’s due and don’t sit in judgement of others. Rather, you rejoice in their successes.

Negative: You may be aware of anxiety growing within you. You could even face sleepless nights where you question your own mind and fill it with doubt. Do not fear loss of affection at this time, and try not to blow things out of proportion. In the clear light of day, everything may appear different.

I should probably also add here that I just drew this card in response to no question, and it’s pretty on par with where I am.