44 Days of Witchery, Day 41: A spell you’ve done.

A spell jar for protection and banishment

There it is sitting on my very dirty windowsill.

Recently I was feeling really uneasy in my house, so I got a set of little mason jars for spell-making purposes and whipped up this ditty for protecting my house.

It’s filled with various things; I can’t remember what all because I was in a hyper-state of panic as I tore around my house looking for things. Whatever felt right went in. I do know that there are needles and cayenne pepper inside, to really bite intruders in the ass.

I added a petition paper, and painted the inside and outside of the jar with protective symbols. Then I sealed it up with melted wax and lit a candle on top of it while chanting Bad spirits, bad spirits, go away; good spirits, good spirits, here to stay three times.

Boom! Add candle; make picture better.

If it needs topping up I just light another candle on top. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.