44 Days of Witchery, Day 8: A Photo of a Magical Place Outdoors

The dock at Lake Sasamat.

So, really, almost every place outdoors is magical. According to me, at least. However, Lake Sasamat is truly magical — tis the hosting ground for not only the Gathering for Life on Earth, but also Pirates and Fairies – two witchy/pagany events with rituals galore, that happen every year. The place is practically crackling with magical energy — do enough opening rituals and closing rituals in a place, and it gets that charge.

Evans Lake also has that charge — Witchcamp has been held there for a long time, and for a number of years The Gathering moved up there as well. (Pirates and Fairies has always been at Sasamat.) I don’t have any pictures handy of Evans Lake, however.

I also think Lake Sasamat is magical because it’s where I grew up — the village of Belcarra — and where I met the love of my life (at Pirates and Fairies). So I’m a bit biased.