My mom got me this necklace from her holiday trip to Nicaragua. I love it because it reminds me of both Brighid and a Native Medicine Wheel (and I’m getting more and more involved in Native ideas and beliefs now that I’m taking First Nations Studies).

It’s quite amazing how well some aboriginal ideas fit in with my current Celtic-flavored path. I mean, well, I’ve always been an animist, so that wasn’t so different, but, well. There’s this idea among certain West Coast First Nations of the marriage of the chief to the land — the land grants sovereignty to the chief by virtue of his treating the people well, who are connected to the land. Well-treated people give him power and magic, and that allows him to continue to rule. It struck me as very similar to some Celtic sovereignty beliefs.

Maybe this necklace is a sign from Brighid that I need to pay attention, here, and see exactly how these things might mesh. I am part Native, and I am part Celtic. I feel this need of reconciliation in my own life with those two sides — Settler and Aboriginal — so maybe through spirituality is the way I need to do it.

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