Giving up on PBP

pbp1I’ve decided to give up on the Pagan Blog Project. Withdraw my horse from the race. Take my Pokémon out of the … uh. Whatever Pokémon fight in; I’m not a Pokémon fan.

This isn’t because I don’t think the project is a good idea. I think it’s a great one.

I just don’t think it’s great for me.

I went into it hoping it would inspire me to write. Sometimes, it did. I got some good posts out of it. But mostly it just made me stressed, and anxious, because it was one more commitment I couldn’t fulfill.

We’re coming up on the end of the year, now, and again I’ve missed more posts than I’ve written. I’ve given PBP a good run for 2 years, but it’s time to face it: it’s not the best thing for me.

I will continue to blog as and when inspiration strikes. There will be no regular schedule in the coming months. I’m going to try and find back my blogging rhythm. For this blog in particular, that rhythm may be very erratic. Sometimes I just have nothing to talk about with regards to my faith and practice.

I am also going to try to keep the blogging here organic, in the moment. I am going to avoid scheduled posts. That may mean there are several posts in one day, and then nothing for a week after.

To everyone else continuing PBP for this year and (assuming it gets revived next year) in 2014, I wish you luck, and I will try to keep abreast of your posts.


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