Going Full Ravenclaw, part 2

pbp1I sort of failed at that, didn’t I?

Well, no time like the present to pick it back up again. Here are my planned posts for topics G through M. Gods only know when I’ll get them up (or the ones from the first batch that I’ve still not done).


29th, G: Gratitude and Healing


5th, G: Geas

12th, H: Honoring Hestia

19th, H: Hallowing: Making Sacred

26th, I: Iron


3rd, I: ‘In Your Head’: The Inner World and Delusion

10th, J: The Jester: The Power of Humour in Magic

17th, J: Jack-o-Lanterns

24th, K: Kore

31st, K: Kyanite


7th, L: The Looooorrreeeeeee: Arbitrary Dogma vs. What Works

14th, L: Luck

21st, M: Maenads

28th, M: Mandrake

All subject to change, and I do not promise any of these will be anywhere near as good as their titles would suggest.