Goodies from Seattle!

Mom and I went to Seattle a week ago, and she bought me books because they are cheaper in the States. She also gave me a gift before we headed down! Here’s a picture of two of my witchy treasures:

The one on the left I found in Barnes and Noble and was about to put it down when I felt a very firm smack from Brighid, along with a “GET IT”, so I asked mom if we could and she said yes.

The one on the right is her gift to me from before heading down there. I love the We’Moon planners. I hate that they (Mother Tongue Ink) spell “woman” we’moon and “women” womyn, and that they’re fans of the feminist pagan revisionist history crap that makes my feminist pagan blood boil, but the planners are gorgeous and full of inspiring stories, poems, and art. Even though I don’t technically identify as a woman, I feel a stirring when I read a lot of the stuff in their planners.

Plus! My friend Autumn Skye got one of her paintings into the book. So that’s cool.

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