Today is Imbolc!

I was going to write a ritual for today, but I ended up not. At this point it’ll be rushed and not that good, so instead I’m going to focus on cleaning, writing, and self-care today — all things in Brighid’s realm.

I put out my brats at midnight last night, when I woke up after going to bed at 7pm (I fell back asleep at 2am, then woke up for the day at 7am). I’ve been sleeping a lot since Thursday; it was a tiring day.

My brats are a kerchief I wear on my shifts, my Brighid scarf, and the brat and cross sent to me in the Cill Imbolc exchange. They’ve all been blessed now, and they’re back inside.

Tonight is also the night we gain access to our new place, so I’m starting the process of moving house. I’ll be moving in some kitchen items tonight. Tuesday I’ll probably go over and do some energetic cleansing and warding, as well as bringing over boxes of books and some bookcases.

If you celebrate it, have a blessed Imbolc. (If you don’t, I hope you had a good day regardless.)