It was a good weekend

It’s been a good weekend. I finished my novel on Thursday, went to an Imbolc Ritual led by Sarah Lawless on Sunday, and got engaged to the Ogre that evening.

It was good to see Sarah again. We chatted and I told her about my experience with her belladonna flying ointment, and that I would continue to work with the spirit of belladonna because I felt she had some things to teach me. She said it was likely I have a severe sensitivity to it, and I mentioned the research I’d done after the fact that led me to think it was related to my sensitivity to morphine — doctors don’t recommend you use belladonna if you have a bad reaction to morphine, and the reactions were very similar. She said she hadn’t heard that, but will likely add the information to her site and the jars.

So this means my experience is good for other folks, too.

She led a great ritual, which included a long walk. I went on this walk, though it was optional, and did over 2500 steps yesterday. (I have a pedometer, to make myself get more walking in. It’s working.) Pretty proud of myself for doing that.

When I got back to the Ogre’s place that afternoon we continued our primary engagement-negotiation from Friday, which had ended with him saying “Give me until the end of the weekend to think about it. The answer is probably yes.” We spent another half an hour to forty minutes talking, with only one distraction/emergency change of topic, and finally he agreed to be my fiance, with some explicit caveats (that I had assumed were implicit within the whole getting engaged thing, but it’s good that he likes to be clear).

He seemed a little shell-shocked last night, but this morning he was better — seems he realized that nothing was really terribly different, and nothing had exploded. I’m guessing we’ll be engaged for about 2 years before we get married. (Getting married next year would be my ideal situation, but not sure how that’s going to work for him. Negotiation, again. Also, gotta practice wiggling my nose so I can magically become rich.)

News of the engagement brought a phone call from my best friend in all the world/sister, and we talked for an hour and a half. We don’t talk enough, because she lives in Alaska and never answers her phone. Anyway, I may have convinced her that she and her boyfriend need to move down to Vancouver so we can all live together on the same property, because my life won’t be complete if she doesn’t live within walking distance of me.

My life is definitely on an upswing, especially when compared to the way shit went sideways at the beginning of the year. I’m now grateful that I wasn’t able to attend university this semester, because it gave me the time I needed to finish my novel, and I now have the time I need to work on the rest of the series and finish my other WiPs.

I’m feeling a little distracted regarding this side of my life, however. If I haven’t replied to your comments yet, it’s because of that distraction, not because I don’t appreciate what you have to say. I love my commenters. I’m just having trouble being Morag right now, if that makes sense.

Going to take the rest of the week to be my other self, and I’ll see you again on Friday with my PBP post. Hope you’re all having a lovely week.


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  1. I can imagine that things would be hectic!

    So glad you got to talk to the maker about the ointment. That’s a good tip for others with such a sensitivity.

    I love a good walk! Glad you are enjoying it. It can be a painless (for some) way to get the bones in action and the blood pumping. Not to mention where the mind can take a body while walking, that can be a benefit as well. Heh. I know when I am stomping on a walk I am either giddy or getting some anger out. Very useful walks can be!

    Congratulations again on the engagement and if I ever have any luck wiggling my nose that way, I’ll spring for the booze.

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