pbp1This post is probably NSFW or even life and I’m not exactly holding back on the sex talk, so be warned. 

Some of the most powerful spells I’ve done have been via orgasm. I don’t call it sex magic, though. Often sex magic makes people think specifically of sex with another person magic and I don’t do that, because it’s quite a bit more complicated. (Sex with another person religious devotion? Different thing, and yes.)

Yes, that means I masturbate to do sex magic. Solo sex magic, I guess you could call it, but I don’t really consider masturbation to be sex. Fun, yes. Useful? Definitely. Sex? No. For me, sex requires a partner (or 2…or 3…whatever).

So I find it a bit more precise to refer to this type of magic as orgasm magic. The orgasm, after all, is the important part.

Consider this a SFW representation of an orgasm.
Consider this a SFW representation of an orgasm.

In order to perform successful orgasm magic, you have to remain focused on your goal. I usually fantasize anyway while I double-click my mouse so the visualization/other-sense-alization bit is easy. But for magic, instead of thinking about my fiancé’s amazing hands and phallus and tongue and teeth (OH GODS TEETH) and voice, I have to focus on what I want to achieve.

This part isn’t so easy. Focusing on the goals of magic and holding them in your mind’s eye while you rub one out is, well. It’s distracting, because your body is going OMG YES THERE YES THERE and your brain wants to head over to other YES THERE YES THERE and thinking about the power turning back on or your new laptop is maybe not sexy enough. (Or maybe it is; I’m not judging.)

But, as with anything, with practice you get better. Both at focusing and at speeding up the time to orgasm. (I find it’s best to do quick and dirty when doing orgasm magic. I can play and take my time when it’s just for fun. YMMV.)

The most effective bit of orgasm magic I ever did was to turn the power back on during an outage. I was living with my first boyfriend in Hawaii at the time and we’d been having some stormy weather. The power shut off — again — and so I clambered into the shower and used the showerhead, as per usual. (Showerheads are amazing.) The entire time I kept thinking about the power coming back on. About thirty seconds after I finished, it did.

People can cry coincidence all they like but half of what makes magic work is confidence and belief in yourself. I choose to believe it was my power that brought the lights back.

Another time I did a combination of sigil and orgasm magic. This is an idea I got from the article “Pop Magic!” by Grant Morrison, found in Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult. The idea is you create a sigil that represents your magical goal and spend your time wanking focusing on that sigil. At the moment of orgasm, you see the sigil blazing in your mind’s eye; you project it outwards into the world and what you wish will come to fruition.

I did it for a laptop. I got my first one less than a year later. The exact one that I did magic for, too.

(The way Morrison says to create the sigil is to write out your desire, remove the vowels, then press all the consonants together, adding or removing or changing lines as you see fit, until you come up with an appropriately witch-like symbol. I don’t remember much else; it’s been a while since I read the article. If this interests you, though, I recommend checking out the book. It’s linked above.)

Another important thing is I need to make sure I’m not going to be disturbed! Getting a phone call in the middle of masturbating is annoying, sure; getting one in the middle of orgasm magic? You’re going to have to start over, probably.

So. Put your phone on vibrate (ba-dum-TISH), lock your door, make sure you’re alone and undisturbed for however long it’ll take.

This may mean waiting until nighttime to try out orgasm magic. That’s fine, especially if you think you’ll need to sleep afterwards.

In my opinion, orgasm magic is one of the easiest ways to accomplish spellwork. So, here are the basics:

  • visual/othersense-ization! Keep focused on what you want, whether you do it by an abstract sigil or with one, clear thought in your head. Find what works for you; find something you can focus on without getting distracted by the fact that your hands are doing magic on your whatever.
  • speed up that process. I masturbate pretty much daily, so I have plenty of time to play around with myself and have fun. If I’m doing orgasm magic and I need to focus, taking my time means more chances for me to be distracted. (Also means more chances for my fingers to cramp and then the whole thing is out the window.) Fastest route possible means more effective spellwork.
  • set aside a time to do it. This is more important with orgasm magic than with other spellwork. Make sure you’ll be undisturbed for as long as you need.

Feel free to experiment, play around, figure out what works for you. This is just what I do. It won’t work exactly that way for everybody.

(Sex magic with another person is very similar: focusing on a goal while working yourself up to orgasm. However, it’s most effective if all people involved are focusing firmly on the same thing, and if orgasm is reached simultaneously. Honestly, that’s too much stress to put on my sex life and solo sex magic works just fine for me. YMMV, as always.)

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  1. lol. that’s the funny thing about magic is called spell work for a reason is definitely a craft oh you can make mountains move is it takes about to maybe 2 or 3 hours you get it done! But it works!

    1. No.

      A) That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

      B) Super unethical to do magic to get people to love you or screw you.

      You want to marry this Stacey chick? Get to know her. Like a human being. Leave magic out of it. (Why would you want to be with someone you’d done a spell on to get them to love you? How would you know if they really loved you or were just under the influence of magic? And if the spell wore off, how would you know they wouldn’t leave you? And if the answer to any of this is that you’re okay with someone being under the influence of a spell so long as they’re with you, please remove yourself from the dating pool until you learn about consent and boundaries.)

      C) If I knew how to get wealthy via magic I would have done it for myself already.

      D) Begging for spells is rude. Begging someone to do magic for you without offer of any sort of payment? Doubly rude.

  2. I ABSOLUTELY love this Article! I am curious though. I have read a lot of different articles and a lot of people say you can essentially “make up” your own spells, because in a lot of cases it is the focus and determination that allows the magic to happen. On the Contrary I have also read a lot of people saying DO NOT make your own spells. The reason I ask is because I want to create, or perform and already created spell, specifically with Orgasm Magick. I was contemplating on creating the Sigil, placing it in the middle of my set up, which consists of: 4 white tealight candles placed at the “4 corners” around the sigil. I have placed a dab of 4 different kinds of makeup my fiancee uses a lot on the paper that has the sigil on it. I also have 4 crystals; a tigerseye, an amethyst, a rose quartz, and an unknown that glows when I’m in danger (and has done this ever since my mom blessed it before/and after I used it with a Ouija board). I also have two rings, one is her current engagement ring, and the other is a new engagement ring, new ring is placed above sigil, old ring is below. To finalize, I have an incense burner with loose White sage, and mugwort, along with a few things she has recently consumed (1 scoop of Noopept, and 1 scoop of L-Theanine. I chose these because she takes Noopept everyday in the morning, and L-Theanine at night before bed) and to top it off there is also powdered aluminum (I stumbled across an article that said using natural metals in sexual magick can increase the effectiveness, especially because Sexual Magick can be used in some forms of Alchemy?) and my plan was to have it set up like this; charge the crystals in the sun light, and when that is ready, place them in a square around the sigil. place the candles around the sigil in the opposing “open areas” around it (the spots left open inbetween the crystals) light each candle, point each crystal towards the sigil, light the weird incense combo, wank one out onto the sigil while focusing on the sigil, and then burn the sigil with my intent, and sperm, on the sigil. The purpose of the old and new rings is to symbolize when she puts on the new ring it will essentially “renew or amplify our love.”
    is this just complete nonsense or could this actually be an effective method?

    1. Also, to note, I want to rejuvenate our love, and make our passionate love making be rekindled. Our relationship is okay, we’ve been together since August 30th, 2013. We are engaged, sort of, or we were untill I went astray. I was speaking with another woman, and I kissed said other woman a year into our relationship. I ONLY kissed this other woman, and went no further, but the damage I did to my fiancee is seemingly close to beyond repair. I dont expect her to forgive me, though I hope she will, but I want her to actually be able to believe I love her, because I do. Arguably, one could say I dont because of what I did in the first place, but I wish I could change the past, for I would not have done that to my fiancee. I love her so much, and it pains me more than anything to see her hurt because she didn’t deserve the pain I caused her, and she doesn’t deserve the pain she has experienced her whole life. She was my first, and is my only, love at first sight. She is 31 and I am 22, soon to be 23. I love her, and I want her to have an amazing life and I want to pay for her to go to college and help her acheive all of her life goals. I want to show this amazing woman that Life doesn’t suck. I am an optimist and she is a pessimist. She looks at things in a negative light, and I look at them in a positive one, but I feel like she has adopted this mindset because it is how her mother, and everyone else in her family, is. We are polar opposites in that field and she is dead set on believing all men are alike, and I just fed into her beliefs when I did what I did. My fiancee has been with two other men before me; her ex husband who overdosed on drugs and refused to divorce her, and her childrens father, who is a seemingly POS, but he does try to be there for his kids amongst his excuses as to why he cant see them. I want to be her one and her only; the guy that shows her life is beautiful and she is too, inside and out. I want her to be happy among all things and she herself told me she will need a lot of time if she is going to forgive me, but as it stands, it is still to painful to forgive, or forget. Will Orgasm magick be of any use? I’m not trying to force her to love me, because she still does, and she treats me better than any woman in my life ever has, but after I did what I did, it changed her, and that is not fair to her.

      1. Oh my gods, where do I begin.

        Well, I guess with this: DON’T BURN POWDERED ALUMINUM. If you want to use powdered aluminum in a spell, then don’t put into incense and keep it away from flame. Basic safety precautions there.

        As for your actual spell and plan…uh. What you’re suggesting is a magical fix to your relationship problems. You don’t get that. None of us get that. You fucked up and you have to own it, and atone for it, and you have to accept that maybe there is no fix for it. Ever.

        You’re with a woman who already has trust issues and then you violated her trust. There is no spell that will make that better. And even if there were, it would need to be done with the full knowledge and consent of both parties — which it does not sound like you are planning with this spell of yours.

        She was my first, and is my only, love at first sight.

        First loves are very powerful and can seem like they’ll be your only loves. I was in the midst of my first love when I was 19/20, and I thought he was my only love. The best thing that ever happened to me was that he dumped me, because it meant I got to grow up and experience more relationships and really find out what I wanted from life.

        The way you talk about your partner it really sounds like you want to change her — by magical force, if necessary. That’s not love. You might think it’s love — I thought it was, when I was trying to change my first partner — but it’s not. You have to meet someone where they are, and hope that they’ll grow and change *with* you as the relationship progresses. You can’t start a relationship with someone hoping that they’ll change who they are. It will only lead to unhappiness for both of you.

        If you want to make things better with your partner via magic, then do magic to change yourself first. You want her to believe you love her? Then change yourself into a person that is believable. Atone. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t believe you loved me either, because your actions say you don’t — both in betraying her trust in the first place, and now in crafting a spell to force her to recommit herself to you.

        Bottom line, when you have these sorts of relationship problems, magic isn’t the solution. If you do any magic, it should be *with* her, and in addition to actual practical, mundane solutions.

        You should try couples’ counselling, and private therapy for yourself.

  3. great article, I’m on my way to utilizing this. Question – I know (of course!) that its a no no to involve other people in your ‘sex sigil’ but…what if you are masturbating with another person out of the room? like phone sex? You’re concentrating on your sigil (visualization) as well as bringing yourself to orgasm it just happens to be that you’ve got a partner on the other line – who has NOTHING to do at all w/ your sigil, but is simply there to help build the sexual tension and bring their own selves to orgasm. Does that make sense? it’s like masturbating to porn while working on a sigil- the porn is there to help build the sexual tension

    1. I’d say if you’re only utilizing your own energy build up for the sigil to work there aren’t any ethical issues — the issue would be if you were using the other person’s energy as well without their knowledge.

      My only concern would be concentration, though. I have trouble concentrating on the sigil if there’s a distraction like porn, so I think if my husband were talking dirty to me over the phone line I really wouldn’t be able to focus. Your mileage may vary, of course.

  4. i’m using this method for communication/reconciliation. does it work with photos?

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