Since posting my guide to visualization, I’ve been thinking — having a series of posts on what I consider essential witch skills might be a good idea. I mean, I’ve been doing this sort of stuff long enough that I should have some basic idea of what I’m doing, right?


Eh. Maybe not so much. But I’m sure I know some things. I know my post on visualization was helpful to some folk, at least. I’m sure I could be helpful in other areas.

Of course, first I have to figure out just what I consider to be essential Witch Skills.

Take this post as a rambling exercise — I’m thinking out loud, using y’all as my sounding board. Nothing I list here is permanent; this entire list is just to give me a jumping off point. In fact this entire post is basically an excuse to get another W done for the Pagan Blog Project.

Also, I’m not talking about skills like herbalism, or mead-making, or carving, or salve-making, or anything like that. Those are good skills, yes, but they’re not for everybody, and I’m not about to suggest any of them are essential to being a witch. I’m talking about the kind of skills that give you the basis for good magic work. Skills that, once you have them, are passive — to use gamer parlance — at your fingertips without you needing to think too much about them. Things that should become automatic.

Now, not all of these are automatic to me, either — I do not claim to be an expert in anything, except perhaps how to fuck up your life royally. Some I’m good at; some not so much. But who knows, maybe in this ongoing blogging project I’ll become better at some of them. And I hope that the posts I eventually write on these skills will help y’all, too. (That is, if you’re interested in being a witch and/or magic work. If you’re not, then feel free to skip these posts! They’ll all be in the Category Witch Skills. You won’t hurt my feelings, I promise. I’m a heartless bitch anyway.)

Morag’s List of Essential Skills for the Witch — budding or otherwise

  • visualization, or imagination — we’ve done that one. 
  • critical thinking.
  • trust in oneself — yes, this is a skill. You do have to work at it.
  • how to listen.
  • how to sense energy and discrimination — how to tell the difference between your own energy and the energy of other beings
  • shielding.
  • how to ground excess energy.
  • how to raise energy.
  • how to breathe. yeah, that’s a skill. especially nowadays.
  • proper posture (which, as you know, is difficult for me too).
  • strong intuition. Yes, again, a skill.

I think for now that’s a good list. It gives me a starting place, at least. I’m sure more things will crop up for me as I engage in this project.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty excited about this. This could turn out to be a pretty cool little series of posts.

5 replies on “Witch Skills”

  1. I’m certainly excited to hear what you have to say on these subjects. Your visualization post was great – I found it useful even though I’m already fairly strong in that area myself. Some of the areas you’ve listed are real weak points for me – sensing different types of energy in particular.

  2. I’ll echo Agathi. I like your writing and find it very inclusive without being condescending or too vague, so reading it on these topics will be cool. I know I need to learn how to listen better and discriminating between energies is something I’ve had trouble with too. But every one of these interests me. This sounds sweet.

  3. can’t wait 😀 personally I think what you’ve got listed already is good for spirituality in general, not just magic and witchcraft ya know? I know I need help in the listening department

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