He, Zir, Ey, Xyrs, What? (reblog)

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I’ve been having the same thoughts about m’Lady Morrigan, to be honest. I definitely see Her as genderqueer/non-binary, though I refer to Her as a Goddess and use female pronouns. I’ve also been looking for a word instead of Lady or Lord, to fit with the Lady of the Stars, Lord of the Deeps, Ladybro? of the Blooded Land.

Finding pronouns will probably be easier. I could always use Zie/Zir.

Hmmmm. *ponders*

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  1. Keeper of the Blooded Land? Governor? Guardian? “Master” is usually read as somewhat gendered… um.

    1. I like Governor. Not sure if it’s exactly right, but I do like it.

      Yeah. It’s…complicated. In this context, for me, Lady of the Stars means not only does She have dominion over the stars, but She is the stars. And the Lord is the deeps, as well as being the king of them. So I’m searching for a word that conveys…transcendental immanence, I guess. Being the blooded land and having dominion over it.

      I mean, I suppose Queen could work. With modern connotations it’s a lot closer to gender-neutral than Lady.

      Man, this is wrinkling my brain.

      1. Potentate. Sovereign has interesting equations of the thing and who governs it, actually, though they usually go the other way… harrum.

    1. Probably because they’re not standardized nor used widely. They/their are used widely, and have been used as gender-neutral singular for a long time. Those are the standard ones. Running into non-standard ones will make your brain trip up, because you’re not used to seeing them, and chances are your mind will automatically try to correct the typo it perceives.

      It’s part of the reason I chose zie/zir for my non-binary pronouns; they’re close enough to she/her (what I’ve been called my whole life) that the transition is much easier. For me as well as anyone else; I still have troubles remembering to use my own pronouns when referring to myself in the third person.

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