This should be a pretty short post.

I’ve explored and learned about many other religions, but very few have I looked at with the actual intent of going further than just “studying because I’m interested”. I’ve taken religion classes and done my own studying of other religions. But honestly, I haven’t really strayed from some form of eclectic paganism or witchcraft. The only other path outside paganism that I’ve explored has been Buddhism, and you could say I never really left it.

Within paganism, I’ve explored Wicca, secular witchcraft, some various stripes of recon, Kemetic polytheism, Druidry, Otherfaith, fictional recon, Hellenismos, and probably some other things I’m forgetting. Of those, I stuck with witchcraft, Otherfaith, fictional recon, and working with the Hellenic gods — and, of course, the path I’m building with the Sacred Three that as of yet has no name and I don’t know what the heck I’m doing with it.

I’ll probably explore more paths, if only to learn more things. I don’t know if my personal religious practice will expand to have more than it does right now or not. I’m kinda hoping not, because 4 pantheons is a lot of gods, and that’s not even getting into the Buddhist stuff. But anything is possible.

See? I said it’d be a short post.