I wish I may, I wish I might....
I wish I may, I wish I might….

I want there to be more for onion-hoers. I want there to be more polytheist/pagan community centres, where people of all pagan stripes can rent rooms for classes, hold weekly get togethers, do ritual, meet for coffee, drop their kids off for religious education…the list goes on. I want frameworks put together for general eclectic paganism so that people can come together from different pagan faiths and have a ritual, or a celebration. I want the focus to move from Wicca or Wiccish paganism and start to include other paths.

I want the Otherfaith to grow. I want to see books about it; I want there to be more people involved; I want to see it grow into a good-sized faith in its own right.

I want to figure out what the fuck I’m building with the Sacred Triad. I want to publish a book, or many, about it. I want it to have a framework that anyone can pick up and work with.

I want the future of paganism to be easier for people; I want the bootstrapping to have already been done for the majority of faiths.

I want pop culture paganism to get more respect. I want to put out a book on D’Angeline Recon. I want people not to feel like they have to hide their pop culture paganism for fear of being ripped to shreds by the Piety Brigade.

I want people to finally understand the difference between Wicca and every other pagan faith.

I want there to be less derision about fringe practices within paganism.

I want more than an “other” category when I’m filling out forms and I’m asked about my religion.

I want paganism to be easier to navigate for newbies. I want it to be safer.

I want people to do better. I want people to not be dicks.

Most of all, I want to create a future where pagans don’t have to fear losing their jobs, their homes, their children, simply because people fear their religious practices. I want to create a world with more understanding, and more freedom — both within our communities and without them.

I want a future of beautiful diversity and community; of connection across religious lines; of understanding, of knowledge, of freedom.

I want a lot. I dream big.