44 Days of Witchery, Day 24: Your moon sign.


This is what about.com has to say on Moon in Sadge:

The Sagittarius Moon can be described as radiant, fun and visionary, with many notable pioneers born under this sign. They’re often optimistic about the future and open hearted, both qualities of which can be contagious. They appreciate life as a grand adventure, and never stop exploring and learning new things.

The public style of the Moon in Sagittarius is engaging and light, and they’re sure to hold their own in large gatherings. Their curiosity keeps them asking the questions, and putting people at ease with their sharp insights and wit. They’re at their best with a varied social calendar as they adapt to and enjoy being around people of different cultures and outlooks.

The Moon in Sagittarius gets flashes of inspiration, along with the hopeful optimism to bring their many ideas to fruition. They’re risk takers, and often will shrug off warnings from others, drawing on a well of trust in both fate and their instincts. More cautious souls might find them reckless, but then stand back and watch in amazement all those times when luck is on their side.

In romance, the “Sadge” Moon thrives with a mate that is a fellow traveler on a parallel path. They have a need for complete emotional freedom from a partner that can keep up with their active pace. Life’s banquet can be savored together for as long as it stays a vital match, for they’ll shake free of anything that has lost its luster.

The Moon in Sagittarius has a mission, and can’t be held back by outdated relationships or ideas. Their province is the future, so there has to be a swiftly evolving nature to their work and love lives. Along their speedy way, they’ll shine a focused light on lost dreams and leave a wake of encouragement and inspiration behind them.

Pretty much correct. A few things don’t jive, but not everything in astrology is correct. Obviously.

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