44 Days of Witchery, Day 28: A picture of a witchy I-Want-It-Now!

I assume that means something Witchy that I really want.

I didn’t have an answer ready for this question, as I’ve been trying to avoid looking at witchy things…I have a tendency to buy them too often.

So now I’ve gone to Azure Green and perused their items and found too much!

(Picture heavy, so rest of post is behind a cut.)

Let’s start with clothing and tote bags (click on the images to link to their pages):

This is a moon goddess cape. I like it because it’s black and 100% batik rayon.

A “Celtic moon” top. Have no idea how it would look on me, but it’s pretty.

A skirt with the moon goddess motif.

A purple skirt!

Ok, on to mortar and pestle sets and a cauldron. You can never have too many of either!

Cast iron cauldron. I have a brass one currently.

Black marble mortar and pestle.

Cast iron mortar and pestle with triquetra design on it.

Knotwork design.

Finally, jewelry! Usually I’d have many entries in this field, but if we’re to stick to the want it now portion of this entry, there’s really only one thing:

Silver Brighid’s Cross pendant. For obvious reasons, I would think.