Emotions. Something I don’t have a handle on.

I’m very passionate, but I suck at the emotional communication thing (water and air, my weak spots). I try not to connect with my emotions because they hurt too much. I run off instinct and intuition and the one feeling I allow myself to connect with is passion.

I’m terrified of drowning, tidal waves, and the ocean. Well not so much the last one since meeting Manannan, but it’s been a long-held fear. I still fear sharks and jellyfish. (I lived in Hawaii for 10 years — it’s a rational fear to hold.)

I love the rain, however, and rain/lightning storms. Which is good, I guess, as churning water (waterfalls and rain) releases negative ions, which make us feel good.

That’s the science behind it. I like the rain because it’s beautiful, and, well, Manannan is in it.

I leave you with one of my favourite scenes from V for Vendetta:


Speaking of, I’m going to go watch that film again.