A Picture from Pride

I’m pretty swamped and exhausted today, and don’t really have anything of substance to post for y’all. So I’m sharing the one picture of me from Vancouver Pagan Pride, wherein I’m participating in the Aquarian Tabernacle Church ritual (I called in South; this is not what’s happening in the photo, as we did cross-quarters).

I’m more or less dead-centre, with sparkly purple dress, sunglasses, red parasol, cane, mismatched Converse, and limp wrist. (Actually I’m just on the downswing of the banishing pentacle. Or invoking. Don’t remember when this picture was taken.)
Photograph by: GORD GOBLE, NOW


Saturday the 25th is Nanaimo Pagan Pride, where I’ll be vending all day. There may be more pictures. I may share them.

Funnily enough, Nanaimo Pagan Pride is generally a bigger event than Vancouver Pagan Pride. Not really sure why.

Anyway, if you’re local to Nanaimo come and say hello! My booth is right next to the labyrinth; I’ll be selling pagan fiction. You can spot me by my Converse and crying children in my proximity.

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