Nyktipolos blogged about this for “A” in the Pagan Blog Project, and also the other day for Pithoigia, the first night of Anthesteria.

This year, Pithoigia went from March 3rd to 4th, Choes from the 4th to 5th, and Chytroi from the 5th to 6th. I had planned on celebrating it and then completely forgot about it. This happens when I sleep through entire days.

I did manage to do one thing. On Choes, I poured some wine from a bottle freshly opened on Pithoigia (thanks mom!) into a glass and offered it to Dionysos. I also lit a candle that smells like pecan pie. Because we all know how much I love candles.

Candle and a glass of red wine. Oh, and cups of tea that are on my altar for my Triad. And other assorted things.

Today I was going to make pottage and offer it to the dead, but I only had so many spoons and had to make it to the post office. So nothing particularly religious happened.

This is sort of the story of my life. “Oooh! Holiday I wish to celebrate/daily offerings I wish to make/books I wish to read! I shall do that, for I have plenty of time to plan! Woah where did the time go?

So I am just going to make next year better, and whatever other new holidays I try to do this year. Wish me luck!

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