Apparently I’m inspiring!

I was given a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Waldhexe and Sky at Seastruck by the Crossroads.

I’m blushing. With the blood of my enemies, according to Danny. 😉

So. The rules are as follows:
1. Display the award certificate on your website. CHECK.

2. Announce your win with a post and include a link to whomever presented your award. CHECK.

3. Present seven awards to deserving bloggers. Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off.

4. Post seven interesting facts about yourself.

I’m really bad at keeping up on blog reading, and I realize some of the people I’m giving the award to have got one already, but here we go.

Seven bloggers who deserve this award

1. Sage and Starshine. This is Danny. She is awesome.

2. the night wanderer’s path. Nyktipolos’ posts always give me food for thought.

3. Mountain, Path, and Pool. If you are at all interested in the Mayan gods, you should read this blog.

4. Letters from Gehenna: World on a Slant. This is Dw3t-Hthr; she’s fracking amazing.

5. 13 Belladonna Drive. This is Catherine, whom you may remember as the incredible warrior in my comments section. She inspires me with her blog posts and her comments and her forum posts, because she never stops fighting.

6. Pagan Culture. This is author Magaly Guerrero’s site.  She’s a good writer and pretty badass.

7. The Little Sea Witch. You should give Kat’s blog a read.

Ok. Now onto the easy part — talking about myself!

Seven interesting facts about Morag

1. Morag is genderqueer. You really should realize this by now, but in case you don’t, or you’re a new reader — yeah. I’m genderqueer. My gender is a pendulum on the spectrum of lady to dude, and where it falls on any given day is unknown until that day happens. I often call myself a ladydude. I prefer female pronouns for now; that’s subject to change.

2. Morag asked Danny for help on this section, because apparently it’s not that easy, and these are the answers she got: 1) tits; 2) you can use your tits as a shelf; 3) put a cat between your tits; 4) your boyfriend’s dick spews fire. FIRE DICK. THERE IS AN OGLAF COMIC FOR THIS.  Morag has since learned never to ask her friends for help. (Btw, Oglaf is not safe for work. At all.)

3. Morag likes talking about herself in the third person.

4. Morag is inappropriate and has no filter.

5. Morag is an author of fiction under another name.

6. Morag is not physically immortal (but she has plans to live on in humanity’s memories for all time).

7. Morag is secretly the Doctor. Actually, I’m probably more like Donna than the Doctor, but I do get told pretty often that my mannerisms are a lot like Ten’s.

There we go. Tomorrow’s post will probably be a P post for the Pagan Blog Project, and hopefully next week I’ll catch up with my missing letters (G, I, J, L, N).

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  1. “I prefer female pronouns for now; that’s subject to change.” This made me laugh all the way to my belly. One of those laughs that leaves the body feeling rejuvenated. I love what the words imply and the strength and self-love that flows from the heart of anyone capable of saying them.

    Many hugs 🙂

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