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  1. Not being a godslave or connected to the Morrigan in any way other than apparently collecting Her children, I find myself intensely curious and wanting some further explanation of this, if it is possible.

    1. This post was referring to a specific Thing that was going on a while ago…namely with someone I was interacting with who was actually being tapped by the Morrigan, but was also obviously not LISTENING to Her.

      So I was sort of referring to the annoyance of hearing a loved one in the house tinker all night long and not being able to be like PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME, because that’s very much what it felt like.

      I’m no longer interacting with this person, and do not know if they are still tapped by tM or not.

      But it’s sort of accurate in that…in a lot of the convos I have with tM followers, there’s a sort of “Oh, hello broken mortal, you are shiny, I tinker! Now stop being broken” that goes on. I healed a lot after She showed up, because She required me to. It’s not so much like being healed by Brigihd, which is like…soaking in a hot tub that’s laced with entheogens, but more like being tinkered on with a screwdriver or something.

      It’s like, I’m Her tool, so She’s constantly suping me up to give me more horsepower. And when She’s not tinkering with me, She’s bringing home other shinies to the nest to tinker with, and I have to listen to the clanks coming from the workshop, and that’s fine…until She brings home a shiny that just WILL. NOT. BE. HEALED. and the tinkering goes on FOR A LONG TIME. Which is what I was referring to in this post.

      I have no idea if that made any sense at all.

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