Fire in the Head

pbp1When you sit smothered in the wool of mediocrity
feeling your creativity seep away
like water through the earth
light a candle
and speak My name

“Brighid I call you
Brighid I beg you
Wake up what’s lost
Find what’s asleep
Let the fire rage deep.”

I will burn the wool away
give you precious clarity
find the truth you seek:
you have always been worthy

Let My flames guide your hands
your heart
your head

In the darkness, I will be your torch
I will guide you to your centre
Fear not unsteady footing
For you tread on My mantle
And it shall be steady for you evermore

Shed the sheltering numbness
Shake the cobwebs of despair
Fan the flames of desire

I am that which is attained
at the end of the fire
I am in the coals
and in the spark
and in the cold

You are never without Me
for I am always within you

Light a candle
speak My name
I will help you fan the flames.

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