Gee Whatapest at it again

Dearest Friends!
I would like you to help me spread the words that Singing “We all come from the Goddess” should NOT BE rewritten. It is my intellectual property. it is NOt a folk song, which by the way is the fate of many composers whose songs are stolen. You steal my song from now will have consequences. You put men into the song, like God,a hex will be activated. I have found that people actually sell their wares with my song in the Title,like Serpentine for example. These people are NOT having my permission, especially when they don’t even credit my name. Women are fooled that its from me, or fooled that its Serpentine. .Theft is theft. I cannot be everywhere, but i have experienced women making up new words,attaching it to my song that NEEDS NO attachments. Have you ever heard a man writing a song about the gods, and then put females in it?? Never. So stop you generosity attacks with my songs, write an original .Men who had Mozart and Schubert amongst them,surely will come up with their own songs .
Women like to give away and include but please do it with your own intellectual property.
I wrote that song for the Goddess worshipping women. Its gone around the globe. I don’t mind you singing it, only selling it and not giving me credit.
Its a sacred song, and i will protect it! Speak up when you hear this song abused, and write to me. Blesssed be!

Z Budapest

Wow. Preach, sister. I heard some kids who had been brought up by pagans singing the modified version of your masterpiece the other day and man, it made me so angry! I wanted to punch a baby. I’m so glad that you’re activating a hex on all who sing it that way, so that these little whippersnappers will get what they deserve. How dare they derive joy from a new verse to a tune you maybe wrote*!

Also, thank you so much for pointing out that men never worship the goddess, nor pay heed to women, nor are decent human beings at all. All men, everywhere. I’ve tried to tell my male friends over and over again that so long as they sing We All Come From The Goddess and derive spiritual fulfilment from it, they’re not real men — but they never listen to me! Perhaps now that it’s coming directly from the priestess’s mouth, they’ll take heed.

And the comparisons of yourself to Mozart and Schubert! Flawless! And completely accurate, I’m sure my readers will agree. Especially as you write vaguely skilled poems that other people most likely put music to, and Mozart and Schubert were accomplished composers. It’s totally the exact same thing.

Finally, thank you for telling it like it is: the people who sing your song differently are abusing it and the GoddessTM. Adding lyrics to a well-known campfire song is exactly the same as battering your partner or your child, or someone else’s child, or a friend. It is exactly the same as perpetuating the cycle of abuse and violently hurting the people you love, whether emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually, and calling such a heinous lyrics-addition abuse does not in any way erase the lived experiences of survivors of abuse or make you look like a complete douchebag. And those survivors of abuse are totally not pissed off at you at all.

Stay classy, Z. 

In womb-sister moonsblood glitterpuke flowerlove tra la Goddess’ name we pray!

*I say probably because there seems to be some controversy over whether or not Budapest actually wrote the music that goes with the chant; if she didn’t, then she can shut right the fuck up about new verses being added to the same tune because she wrote a fucking poem you can sing. However, I can’t find any solid information one way or the other. If anyone does know for sure and can back it up with sources I can alter my snark accordingly.

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  1. *sigh* Sometime in the Jurassic era of my spiritual journey, I once respected Z and enjoyed her books. Lately, it seems as though she has lost her proverbial marbles. At the very least, she’s become inflexible. Gotta move with the times on some things. Spirituality is an organic life form ~ it grows and changes. Although, I understand Tradition is important too. Hence the dichotomy of the Spiritual Path.

  2. Oh man… What is up with her? Off the rocker.. But great post. And thanks. I will make sure not to bother singing that chant anymore…

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