Beltane 2012

I have Plans for tomorrow (er, today; whatever I haven’t slept yet so it’s still tomorrow).

In my constantly evolving personal practice, I worship a Sacred Triad of deities: Brighid, Manannan, and the Morrigan. Each has a holiday: Imbolc, Samhain, and Beltane, respectively. (Each also has a shift of some sort — flamekeeping for Brighid in the cill, and seaseeking for Manannan and landbinding for Morrigan — but that’s for another post because I’m still not sure what the frak I’m doing for 2 of those three shifts.)

So today is Her day. And I plan on making it very special — just for the two of us.

[Also, as I was writing that I just got a very definitive answer to my question as to whether or not my relationship with Her as Her godslave is at all sexual — yeah, yeah it is. Holy crap. More on that later.]

I’m cleaning the house — giving it a good scrubbing. This is part of sovereignty work, reclaiming my sense of self: my keeping things messy is a way to keep people out. If I’ve reclaimed myself, my sovereignty, then I don’t need to keep them away. Also, I need to start respecting myself. And that means keeping the mess to manageable and quirky, not insane and eating-my-entire-life-and-causing-injury.

I’m doing a ritual that has yet to be written, but it will involve dedicating my new whip to sacred use and probably using it.

And I’m cooking a roast, which will be the feast for Morrigan and myself.

I’m not sure what exactly else will happen. I’m going to let things develop organically. If I feel comfortable enough sharing the details afterwards, I will.

At any rate, stay tuned for:

  • my infinite PBP catch-up posts, jeezy creezy (that’s F, G, G, H, H, I, for those of you not keeping score at home)
  • a post on flamkeeping/seaseeking/landbinding, whatever the hells those other two are
  • starting a once-a-week posting of the 30 Days of Paganism blogging challenge. I realize it seems like I can’t even keep up with the one challenge I’m doing, and maybe that’s true…but if I have one of two things to do, it’s more likely SOMETHING will get posted each week. And I am trying to continue to deliver quality content to y’all.
  • a post about Thangkas (you thought I’d forgot, didn’t you?)

6 replies on “Beltane 2012”

  1. Fingers crossed thst your ritual is all you want it to and more. Happy Beltane!
    I have a simple and much-waited ritual to celebrate with TheMorrigan today, and it’s my first ritual with Her, so I am very excited, and very eager to have the house to myself (my brother and aunt are hogging part of the day but… i shall claim the time I need).
    I had never thought of house work (which i dread as few things in the world) as sovereinty reclaiming work but the show fits scaringly well.

    1. Thank you!

      Fingers crossed that yours goes well, too, and that the house stays empty for the appropriate amount of time. (If I had a dime for every time someone showed up unannounced while I was doing rit….)

    1. A lot of people don’t celebrate it that way. They just acknowledge the fertility of the Earth, or something, as if that doesn’t have to do with sex. Or the start of summer, which, again. Plants and animals have sex too.

      But yeah, there’s also the jumping of the fire for fertility, and after that you’re kind of supposed to go off into the woods and fuck like rabbits. (Which is why after LAST Beltane when Nate and I went I thought I was pregnant; didn’t help that for whatever reason my boobs randomly grew a cup size.)

      People kind of forget that fertility is related to sex. In a big way. And then they just celebrate the fertility of their ideas, or their projects, or whatever, and I’m like, ok, but where’s the metaphorical sex that’s going to, you know, bear fruit in this? I mean you can jump the fire for fertility in your creative endeavors all you want, but unless you do the work it’s not going to help.

      Anyway, yes. It’s about sex. Actually a lot of life is about sex. And death. Sex and death are the two forces that push life along, my physical anthropology teacher always used to say.

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