Going Full Ravenclaw, part 3

I am obviously way behind on all of this, but I want to see if I can actually finish planning all the posts and perhaps writing some of them?

Or, at the very least, planning them and then writing something completely different. I’ve already written a different D post from what I originally planned (Doors); chances are I’ll probably drop my original ideas for some of the other posts I’m behind on. Some of them don’t really resonate anymore. Well. At least I planned them.

So, here’re my plans for posts N through T.


5th, N: Nature Is More Than Pristine Wilderness

12th, N: NRE, or New Religion Energy

19th, O: Orgasm Magic

26th, O: When “Oath-Bound” Is a Problem


2nd, P: Witch Skills: Proper Posture

9th, P: Pagan Pride Recap, probably

16th, Q: Queenite

23rd, Q: Quill: sometimes mightier than the wand

30th, R: Witch Skills: Raising Energy


6th, R: Religion-Building

13th, S: So Say We All: spirituality and Battlestar Galactica

20th, S: Witch Skills: Shielding

27th, T: Witch Skills: Trust Thyself


4th, T: Tarot, because I’m basically running out of ideas here


PS I am at Vancouver Island Pagan Pride right now. I scheduled this post…from the past. TIME TRAVEL THROUGH BLOGGING

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