Change to the blog-shrines

In the sidebar you might notice my list of dedication blogs, or blog shrines. For the longest time they were at Blogspot. I’ve moved them to, because so long as they’re at Blogspot I’ll never update them. I hardly go to Blogspot these days because the scripts it runs make my computer have a nervous breakdown.

So, change your bookmarks accordingly. The addresses for Reclaiming Sovereignty and Seafoam and Vanilla are the same, except at Blogspot now; I had to make more changes to Brighid’s and Manannan’s shrines. The links in the sidebar have been updated.

That’s all for now.

-Morag, who is running around like a headless chicken trying desperately to get ready for Vancouver Island Pagan Pride tomorrow. (I’ll be in the Kat & Wolff booth, with my mother, Wolff, and our large wolf-dog, Tyee. If you’re there, stop by and say hi.)