Home from Neverland

I got home from Pirates and Faeries late Monday evening. I’m still in recovery mode. I also talked about my Cill shift over the weekend at Milk, Honey, and Fire, and about worshipping at the temple* over at Seafoam and Vanilla.

*I mean sex. I’m talking about having sex in Aphrodite’s Temple. Just, you know, as a heads up. …pun really not intended there.

I’m a bit talked out about PnF; I suppose I could use this space as a forum just for my bitching about whatever went wrong over the weekend (because nothing is perfect; PnF is no exception to that) but I’ve done enough bitching to the Ogre, so I’m kind of bitched out.

Huh, there’s a phrase I never thought I’d say/type.

Something I’m thinking of doing for a future (though probably not next year) PnF is to be a Temple Maiden. Temple Maidens are in charge of setting up and taking down Aphrodite’s Temple, and I feel I should be doing more in service to Her. I dedicated at Spring Mysteries and while I’ve been doing what She told me to…I’m still feeling like I should be doing more.

Mind you I’m not really sure how one goes about becoming a Temple Maiden, and knowing how pagan communities can get there might be more issues becoming one than I’m foreseeing. Remaining optimistic, however, and putting it on the list of things to do when I have the capability. (The other part of being in charge of such a big thing is to take care of a lot of Temple items over the year, show up early to set up, etc…it’s definitely a commitment, and one I most likely won’t have the ability to meet next year.)

This is also an expression of me wanting to do more in my community, which is weird, but I guess expected…we’re settling into building our own household now, and part of that for me is creating community ties that will help us build said household (and, eventually, that will form a support network for our future ogrelets). Not just spiritually; mundanely too, though you can guess by my blog title that those two are pretty entwined things for me. Getting farm fresh eggs from close friends a few klicks away is as much a part of building community ties as taking a larger part in the events I participate in is.

But I’m taking baby steps, because a big part of the reason I don’t participate in anything is because I am so godsdamned tired all the time, and am basically constantly drowning in overwhelm. I’m not actually sure how it got to be September; I’m pretty sure yesterday was New Year’s Day.

On that note, I’m getting rambly, and thus it’s time for bed. Yes, at 8 in the morning; PnF fucks my sleep schedule for at least a week.


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