I won a lovely blog award! (Why, I’m not sure. But I did!)

SatSekhem gave this to me, with a very sweet note. I blushed. A lot.


1. You must thank the person in your blog entry that awarded you the award. (Done!)
2. You have to list seven things that make you happy. (See below.)
3. You then tag seven blogs that you think qualify for this award (friendly, happy, informative) and let them know. (See below.)

Seven Things That Make Me Happy

  1. My mom’s dog, Tyee. He is the sweetest special needs dog in the world. Even if he did eat his leash. Again. (When I say ‘special needs’, I mean in a PTSD kinda way.)
  2. Ogre. That’s my boyfriend. He always makes me happy.
  3. Black nail polish.
  4. Having shaved legs.
  5. Writing.
  6. When I figure things out.
  7. Nutella and Journey.

Seven Blogs that I think deserve this award

Small note: I just have to list the blogs, without a paragraph explaining why. I’m sorry. I have word dysphasia and currently am having a lot of trouble expressing my emotions. (It took me over a week to write this post.) It may have something to do with being off my anti-depressants for over a month now, or maybe I’m just losing my coping mechanisms. I don’t know.

Anyway. The blogs below are lovely in my opinion, and you should go check them out.

  1. Conscious Engagement
  2. Sage and Starshine
  3. The Night Wanderer’s Path
  4. Fluid Morality
  5. Peaceful Awakenings: Reflections of Egypt
  6. The Little Sea Witch
  7. Alison Leigh Lilly: peace, poesis, & wild holy earth

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