Imbolc 2011: plans

I have two major plans for Imbolc this year, aside from the Cill’s group flame keeping from sunset on the 31st to sunset on the 2nd (my shift starts at sunset on the 3rd, so I’m just going to keep the flame straight for a week, basically).

One is a Lady of the Stars Ritual, which, again, I’m not going to talk much about except to say that I’m excited how our group is progressing, and that we’re taking this step. Imbolc is going to be big, I feel, not just for me personally but for the group as a whole.

Two is my own personal ritual of dedication to Brighid. I have yet to write it (on my list of things to do this weekend), but I am going to be doing it the evening of the 1st, and my best friend will be helping me. Namely with the ear piercing part — I am piercing my right ear and putting in a silver earring as a symbol of my dedication to being Brighid’s priestess. I feel it must be done within a ritual context and for that reason I can’t go and get it done professionally — so we’re going to get some supplies, some learning, and do it at home.

It may sound silly, but we’re doing it right (sterilized needle, etc) and I’ll be monitoring it carefully for possible signs of infection. It’s just not the same to go and get my ear pierced after the fact. (Also, doing so means waiting a long time because who knows when my student loan and therefore the money to get my ear pierced professionally will show up.)

Also, I’m a little bit crazy. This has been established in previous posts.

So now all I have to do is keep it together and not forget to get my ritual stuff down pat before the big nights. Easier said than done, believe me.

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  1. I was always so irritated with the thrown-together rituals I was a part of, which is why Wicca and I never really worked well together. I had one pre-planned ritual, which went pretty well, but nothing was ever the same after that. Sometimes, I miss celebrating the Wheel of the Year, but mostly, I think, I’m better off without it.

    I hope the rituals go well for you, though. And I will definitely hope that no infection occurs on your ear piercing adventure.

  2. I had a school friend who pierced all of his earring holes himself.
    He lived through it. 😉
    So just keep everything sterile and nothing should happen.

    (I am looking forward to our Imbolc SIG ritual, too. :))

  3. Generally speaking my rituals are pretty thrown together, but this first one I actually wrote and followed the script. It felt…different from my others. Not better. Just different.

    Anyway, thank you both for the well wishes. 🙂 I’m writing a follow-up post right now, so soon you can read how it went.

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