So up till now my NeoCeltic practice (er, what little I have of one) has revolved around Brighid and Morrigan. I’d thought about branching out to other gods in the Celtic pantheon, but didn’t really have an idea where to begin.

Well, I was at my dad’s this weekend, and while I was working on the farm I found an oyster shell in the dirt. Weird, but I figured it had just been dropped there by a bird or something. I picked it up and brushed the dirt off, and saw it was the perfect shape to leave offerings in, so I decided to take it back to the house and wash it off.

But then I got to thinking…offerings to whom? Brighid is associated with fresh water, and I can’t imagine leaving anything for Morrigan in a shell. The name Manannan came to my head, and it felt right. I think this is a small nudge from Him.

Funny thing is, I remember reading that He likes to be everyone’s foster-father…and I found the shell when I was fighting with my dad.

I think there may be something to this. I’m going to explore this more fully.

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