Do you watch the show Killjoys? Well, you should. It’s amazing. Seriously one of the best SF shows on right now.

Also, religiously relevant to me. It’s become my new BSG.

In Killjoys there’s a religious order called the Scarbacks. (Oh, yeah, don’t watch if you can’t handle self-mutilation like suspension on hooks or cutting — it’s a religious activity for the Scarbacks. Hence the name.) The stuff that’s written for them is beautiful, in my very not humble opinion. In particular, at one point a character recites the Mother Tree Prayer (which is what I call it; on the Wiki it’s referred to as the Blood Blessing, but other things have been said during blood blessings on the show, so. Warning: the Wiki contains images from the show).

The prayer moved me when I first heard it, and very soon I wanted to integrate it into my own practice. However, the prayer in original form is very specific to the show — it mentions Qresh, and a world with two moons. I wanted it to be applicable to Earth, in the here and now.

So, here is my small rewrite of the prayer. I don’t own the original, obviously, but I’m starting to use this revision in my Sacred Triad practices, and I wanted to share it here with you.

(And if you haven’t seen Killjoys, you really should. Just saying.)

And the roots grew.
And the seeds travelled from a home we’ve forgotten, finding soil in our hearts.
And the roots grew.
From the earth to our souls, one Mother Tree to unite us all.
And when we rise Her branches hold us,
And when we tire Her trunk shelters us,
And when we die Her roots will carry us home.
Praise the trees.

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  1. I was intrigued by your mention of the Mother Tree Prayer in a comment you made on a post Beth Wodandis wrote, and followed it back here. I’m a very Earth person, so things with trees get my attention, and I love your rewrite – it may well find its way into my spiritual practices. 🙂

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