Er, the royal “we”, that is.

So some of you may remember that last year I talked a bit about opening up a witchcraft shop, and then everything imploded and I decided to just keep quiet until things were actually ready to go.

Well, I started work on that again recently, and right after I came across an opportunity to vend at Vancouver Pagan Pride Day with little risk — they are opening up spaces for vendors who don’t have a lot of stock on a shared table, for $5 CAD + 10% of profits. (There is plenty of space left so if this is something you’d like to do and you’re in the GVRD, please register!)

I’ve registered, and Everyday Magic will have a spot on this vendor table on September 10th at VPPD in Trout Lake park. I will be vending my pagan fiction (written under my fiction name, Katje van Loon) as well as a few prototype witchcraft products — some magical powders that I’m in the process of putting together, and heavy duty black salt!

I’m pretty excited about this. I’m using this event to gauge local interest in my witchery, as I’d like to start local at events and then expand to online sales. (I was going to start with online sales, but the current Canada Post strike-wibblyness makes that a not viable option right now.)

If you’re local, come by and check it out!