Ok, it wasn’t that dirty, but the phrase works better when I include it. It was VERY quick and I found myself mentally comparing it to a quickie in a gas station bathroom with a loved one. Not that I’ve ever done that. Yet.

Wait, actually, it was pretty dirty, because…Imbolc Eve (for me, I celebrate sundown Feb 1 to sundown Feb 2; I know others do it different) fell on a Thursday. Ie, last day of school for the week, ie, I’m fucking exhausted. Not only this, but in the middle of me re-organizing my bedroom/office/place with all the shrines and witchy shit. I wasn’t done with said reorg, so my shrine to the Three was in 2 boxes.

The second I got home from school (and two tests that were surprisingly difficult) I started work on finishing up my room re-org. I moved the bed to its final place and put it up on its risers, and then measured to make sure the shrine table would fit at the foot of the bed. My eye did not fail me; it fits perfectly. There’s even room to spare. I then moved said incredibly heavy table because it’s actually a sewing machine in a table to its new spot, and set up my shrine to the Three.

Cue the dirty ritual, because I haven’t showered from school and moving furniture. (hey kids, don’t do this at home if you have a spinal injury like your uncle Morag. So many ows, not enough time.)

First I set all the brats that needed blessing on the shrine, because I can’t do it outside and we don’t really have a hearth (my dirty, horrific devil beast of a stove does not count). Then I set out my jar of Imbolc Water, which is part water, part Everclear, mainly so it keeps. And then I got the offering: end piece of a loaf of Wonder Bread with some butter, both of which I split in half — one half for me, one for her. Plus, Fireball Whiskey.

I stood in front of the altar, put her bread into the offering bowl, and said some words that I don’t recall but were about offering the bread and sharing in it. I took a bite of mine. I then poured Fireball into her glass, and took a swig from the bottle. I thanked her for all her blessings, and asked that this Imbolc she walk with us and we walk in her light.

Then I said sorry no candle, but I was so tired I’d probably burn the house down, said “I love you,” and went to the living room to watch some TV with Mr. Morag before bedtime.

It felt good, and I actually felt some mild connection during it. So whatever evil’s in this house is losing its hold, and I’m feeling more confident.

Also finally getting my shit together to do a ritual, albeit a super quick one like this, does wonders for my state of mind.

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