(This wasn’t posted first at Patreon because it’s not really a true post, just a note on housekeeping at the blog.)

So I was doing both Steady and Patreon because, hey, options, right? But to be honest…it’s too much for me. It’s too much for me to keep track of two different sites for crowdfunding my work and I really really need to reduce the load right now. School is eating my face and that is becoming literal because I think my classes have transformed into some Lovecraftian horror that’s going to rampage all over the Tri-Cities area.


I’m removing Steady for now. I’m not going to delete my account; I’ll probably just keep it dormant. Maybe later it’ll work better as an “also” thing.

Instead, I’m installing the Patreon WordPress Plugin so people can see Patron-only things here at the blog in a manner that is more streamlined and easier for me. Hopefully I’ll be better about remembering to make things public within a few days and not, like, a week, but during the Winter Semester I will likely be very imperfect.

I hope this works for everyone, and I also very much hope it removes enough extra stuff in my brain that I’ll be better able to provide quality content here on Everyday Magic.