Name Chosen!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve chosen my name for this blog and all of Pagandom  (which, I think, is the word I shall be using for the erstwhile pagan community; it’s shorter than “Wizarding World” and doesn’t hold as many possible copyright issues).

I went with Spinner. There were two yes comments to it on the post about names, which may not seem like a lot but I was already leading heavily towards Spinner anyways. That, plus what my mom said, cinched it.

You won’t have to spell it out so often as the others.
You are a spinner of tales, anyway.
In Dutch, you become the spider, which is a great metaphor for you.
Some spiders are poisonous; some are not. Only those who come to know you well will be able to figure out where you are on the poison spectrum.
Spider silk is the strongest material on the planet (allegedly). I just saw a film about spidergoats, who have been injected with the gene that makes the spider silk that’s stronger than Kevlar and then produce the necessary protein in their milk. The film, *Playing God*, did not say what happens to mammals that drink the milk, but it’s interesting to speculate.

Her words definitely gave me some food for thought, especially playing into the whole idea I was toying with a few months ago about snake venom being in my veins.

What effect do these sorts of things have on our genetics? What will we pass on to our children? Will we ever know?

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