Realizing a dream: The Fifth Sacred Thing film

The Fifth Sacred Thing
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One of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors (The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk) is being made into a film.

Probably. There’s a Kickstarter page for it, and if they raise the amount of money needed by the date listed they’ll be able to go ahead with the project. It’s very likely that they will make the goal — they’ve raised almost 50,000 dollars of their 60,000 dollar goal — and Starhawk will be able to make her dream a reality. I’ve pledged 5 dollars; I’d pledge more but I’m a student and I’m broke.

However, I am going to see if I can lend my efforts in another way to the film. They’re looking for actors. I’m going to send them an email and ask for a chance to audition. I recently decided I was done going to VIU and have applied for an 8-month film acting program at Langara; estimating standard pre-production time, I don’t think filming will start until the middle of next year.

I have a ton of acting experience and honestly, being in this film would make me the happiest person alive.

So, cross your fingers that I’m given the chance to audition. If I get to be a part of this film, at least two dreams will have been made reality.

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