I just spent the better part of two hours cleaning my room. I was supposed to do a spell to bring in money tonight, but decided my room had to be cleaned — that was priority.

The windows in my condo are, well, cheap and crappy, and have been leaking water in for the duration of winter. In the previous arrangement of my room, the window was behind my bed, and basically invisible to me. Only recently did I see the extent of the damage: mildew and mold growing all along the sill, the wooden frame buckling outwards from the wall, and a disgusting smell (Gods know how I didn’t notice that before, but all this does explain why I’ve been waking up congested each morning).

I decided it was really time for Spring Cleaning. I’ve been chipping away at it bit by bit over the week, and it’s not done yet, but tonight was the major breakthrough. I moved my desk into the office, the room next to mine. I swept like a fiend. I moved the bed to the eastern wall, and placed my altar in the northwest corner. I did three loads of laundry, and have at least three more to do (the amount of clothing I found when I moved the bed is unfathomable).

And while I was doing all this, a realization hit me. My current lack of funds (read: panicked state about money) is a message, of sorts. It’s a message that I need to sort my shit out, so to speak. Okay, so I’ve always known this, but I didn’t really know it till tonight. Light dawned: if I reorganize my life, more opportunities will appear. Prosperity will flow if I keep the channels open.

After this epiphany, I started to clean my room with intention. Cleaning became my spell for prosperity. With each sweep of the broom, I was banishing poverty. With the movement of the bed, I was removing obstacles to realizing my own potential. Washing clothing, I was cleansing myself of my bad track record with money.

The results are already noticeable. No, I haven’t suddenly won the lottery or discovered several thousand dollars in my bank account, but with the new layout of my room, the window is no longer blocked, so light can come in. My bed is no longer against the wall, so I am never trapped in lethargy by my equally lethargic partner. My flower lights have been moved to my altar, so in the absence of fresh flowers and candles I can keep a connection to Brighid.

Already I can see how my new, clean room will grant me a new lease on life.

I can’t wait to see how it manifests outside my bedroom.