That’s a good place to start, right?

I’m Morag. I’m a Pagan whose path has been ever-evolving for a while now. That’s why I’ve held off on having a “Pagan blog”. I have a blog, I have a writing blog, I have ten million blogs — but not a specifically Pagan one.

Tonight I finally came up with a name and created one. I’ll probably hate it in a week. Too much fire in my chart, I suppose. I can never make up my mind about anything.

(Though I have had the name Morag for several years, so….)

Within this blog you find descriptions of my path as it evolves, ramblings, book reviews, rants, introductory articles to deities (I write these for a magazine, mainly, so they’ll be crossposted here), and some other stuff. Not really sure yet.

Over the next few days the site will be updated with pages and stuff. Stay tuned for exciting things — like everything you ever wanted to know about me! (And a lot you didn’t.)

Slán go fóill,

Morag Grayheart

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