General trigger/content warning for this post. 

Also: several gifs used. 

I just read a post that called the Morrigan a psychopath.


I really wish I was making that up, but I’m not.

 Even Alexi Kondratiev would on occasion try to explain why it is a bad idea to “invite them into your home”, his term was “psychopath”.

Of course, we can’t ask Alexei if he actually said that, as he’s dead now. Regardless if he actually said it, it’s clearly meant by the author of this blog post: Morrigan (or “Morrigna” referring to the various deities associated with tM) is a psychopath.

This isn’t even the only issue with the blog post. He talks about how he’s not trying to negate anyone’s experiences, and then mentions how he spent time trying to convince people to think like he does. He’s apparently a recon-type but cherry-picks the lore to a point where eclectics are giving him some serious fucking side-eye. He talks about the atrocities of war from the point of view of someone who knew folks who went off to war and came back injured– and then neatly turns the blame around to land on the Morrigan’s shoulders, sidestepping the idea that his buddies likely committed atrocities. Because there’s nothing like blaming a goddess of sovereignty for human actions during war. He says he doesn’t want to tread on any toes, that his rule is “not in my house” — but says that the creation of a temple for Morrigan followers at a large neopagan gathering “scares him a little”. So apparently “his house” includes places for the general pagan public? I’m not allowed to attend gatherings of other Morrigan devotees because he has an issue with Her. What a fucking charming notion.

He says he’s not making a judgement of people who believe differently, but then calls the Morrigan A FUCKING PSYCHOPATH. 


Do you even know what that word means, dude? I’m guessing you don’t, because if you did, you wouldn’t be tossing it around so casually.

I mean, right, Morrigan is totally a psychopath! Remember that time She ripped off An Dagda’s head because He wanted Her to confirm His kingship? OH WAIT, YOU DON’T? BECAUSE IT DIDN’T HAPPEN? Oh, ok, well…how about the time She gave Cuhulain absolutely zero chances to acknowledge Her as sovereignty goddess and instead just tortured everyone he loved for years and years and years before finally driving him to suicide? THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN EITHER? WHAAAAT? Ooooh, I know — that time She washed the clothing of EVERYONE IN THE WORLD before a battle, because it’s not enough that some must die — all must die to slake Her bloodlust! WAIT, ANOTHER THING I COMPLETELY MADE UP? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?


A psychopath (or sociopath) is devoid. of. empathy. They have a sense of superiority — they believe themselves above others. They view people as their property. People aren’t subjects, to the psychopath — they are objects. You are either useful to the psychopath or you are not. If you cross a psychopath, you are in danger. Above all, they are charming — so charming that once you see their rotted underbelly, once you see the terrible truth, no one else will believe you. “I can’t believe it. He’s just so nice.”

How do I know? Well, I was sort of raised by one. My father is a sociopath, borderline-psychopath. I have nightmares about him killing my mother. He abused us both for decades; he almost killed me when I was a child on a few occasions. He is a dangerous person who has no degree of feeling for his fellow human being. Everything is about him.

I know psychopathy. When you spend your life wondering if you’re a bad seed, clawing at your skin to rip his DNA out of you, you can’t help but know it. You can’t run away. It is always there, a brutal fact of your life: you were raised by a psychopath and every time you are a little bit like him, you wonder if you should kill yourself before you hurt your loved ones.

(Obviously, I am not a psychopath, simply because I am having those feelings — but I do act like him sometimes, I do have psychopathic tendencies. It scares me half to death.)

Do you really think I would have anything to do with the Morrigan if I thought that definition fit Her?

Short answer: I wouldn’t. The Morrigan might not be hand-holding or nice but She is not devoid of empathy; She does not have a sense of superiority over all other beings. She’s certainly not charming — She is blunt and to the point and if you don’t like what She has to say you can get the fuck out. Honey badger don’t care. Honey badger don’t give a fuck. That is basically the complete OPPOSITE of a psychopath.

But why learn the meanings of words when we can just spew hate at a goddess we’ve chosen to completely misunderstand? Not to mention Her followers. Apparently I’m in danger of losing my life in a horrible way!

 As it is, I know some very nice people who worship one or more of the Morrígna and none of them have died a horrible death…yet. 

No, wait, I’m not. Because why the fuck would the Morrigan put so much work into me so I can do Her Work and then just KILL ME OFF? IT WOULD BE A DUMB MOVE AND MY LADY IS NOT IMPRACTICAL.


I’m not a recon. I’m nowhere near close to recon. How the fuck do I know more about the lore than you do, dude? Is it because I care about not vilely misrepresenting deities? Is it because I think cherry-picking is a dick move? It is because I’m able to interpret what I read instead of taking everything literally/at face value?

You know what this post was? A shitty, shitty attempt at theodicy — an attempt to explain why bad things happen to good people. His answer is apparently “the Morrigan” and no other deity involved with war in any way whatsoever, because then he’d have to stop worshiping most of the Irish pantheon. (What the fuck do you think Brighid is making in Her forge? POTTERY?)

Let me tell you why bad things happen to good people. There are two answers. a: KYRIARCHY, MOSTLY. b: life is a random bag of crap.

Oh, also — people use the wrong words and it causes an imbalance in the wibbly-wobbly spacey-wacey timey-wimey continuum, and then shit goes sideways. Stop misusing words, people, and you’ll make the world a better place.

Especially the word “psychopath.” Learn it or get the fuck out. 



  1. Thanks for driving traffic to my blog. I truly appreciate it.

    Initially I was not going to read the entire post since in the first couple paragraphs it became obvious you really didn’t get my point but to be fair you were not the only one. However I did go back and read it in its entirety, after all you read mine.

    It gave me some insight into how other people perceived what I wrote. The whole ‘psychopath’ rant aside, it is obvious I needed to be even more clear on specific parts so that readers fully understood that I in fact, do know who the Morrigna are/is and that the post is not a dissertation on all that she is…but a small window into why she/they and I don’t have a relationship any longer.

    In really should re-enforce that fact that the statement you quote was made by Alexei, and not myself. I was quoting him as an example of an opinion that was held by someone who was and still is respected in our community. So while you direct you tirade at me, it really is for Alexei. Sadly, as you pointed out, he has passed away so you can’t be pissed at him but I am honored to be his proxy.

    Glad I was able to give you fodder for your blog.

    I will close with the gods can speak for themselves and thanks for the traffic. I will see if I can return the favor one day.

    John M. E. Machate

    1. When I first wrote this comment, 3 weeks ago, I decided to sit on it for a while to see if I would still stand by everything I said in it after some time had passed.

      Turns out, I do. So here is a much-delayed response to your sanctimonious, ‘splainy, bullshit-ridden comment. Enjoy.

      …it became obvious you really didn’t get my point but to be fair you were not the only one.

      Oh, right, I didn’t get your point. It can’t possibly be that I disagree vehemently with you and think you have no idea what you’re talking about, it’s that I don’t get it. Wow, thank you for showing me the error of my ways. I stand duly corrected in the face of your being right in all things, obviously.


      Sadly, as you pointed out, he has passed away so you can’t be pissed at him but I am honored to be his proxy.

      It’s not even about not being able to be pissed at him. If I had any proof he actually said that then you can bet I would be just as pissed regardless his status re: the mortal coil. I don’t. You didn’t provide a source for the quote and he’s dead, so I literally only have your word to go on that he said it. Your word is not enough for me, sorry. And regardless if he’s the originator of the sentiment or not, he is not infallible, he is not a saint, and you shared it in obvious agreement — so yes, I’m also pissed at you for perpetuating that fucking nonsense.

      Along with all the other nonsense in your post.

      I was quoting him as an example of an opinion that was held by someone who was and still is respected in our community.

      Still ain’t a saint, still ain’t infallible. Still human, prone to (really fucking shitty) mistakes. And also, “our” community? Dude, I’m not CR. I am not part of your community.

      I will close with the gods can speak for themselves

      Oh, I get it. This is another nice way of telling me to shut my mouth, right? How very dare I speak on behalf of a deity! How very dare I have an opinion when someone insults my Beloveds!

      Look, dude, if you wrote a post calling my mortal husband a psychopath alongside a bunch of other bullshit about him, you can bet I’d have way worse words for you. There would not be enough curse words nor enough capital letters in the English language to fully express what I would want to say to you. Doesn’t mean my hubs can’t speak for himself — he can, and does — just means that I care about him and thus will leap to his defence when I see someone trying to drag him through the mud because they fundamentally do not understand him.

      Same goes for the gods. They are entities I have relationships with, They are entities I love. Of course they can fucking speak for Themselves. I never said they couldn’t; I’m not sure where you got that strawman from.

      And you didn’t just insult Her with your ill-worded post, by the way. You insulted ME, too. I’m not only speaking on Her behalf. I’m speaking FOR MYSELF and anyone else who has encountered REAL psychopathy.

      I grew up with a father who lacked any empathy and only wanted to control others. He tortured and abused me for 26 years before I finally gathered up the courage to cut him out of my life, and then he continued to STALK ME for 2 more years. He probably still does. I would not be surprised if he hired a PI on me (again) to find out where I live so he can kill my husband. I would not be surprised if he killed my mom. He has been threatening to for years. He owns several guns, and he keeps them loaded, against Canadian law. I live with this fear every day.

      You making light of such a horrible fucking thing to experience is reprehensible. I don’t care who the fuck said it first, you continued on, you agreed, you perpetuated it.

      You made “a joke” about m’Lady deciding to kill me on a whim, when this is a VERY REAL FEAR I LIVE WITH REGARDING MY BIO SIRE.

      Fuck you for telling me to lighten up. You have no idea what it’s like to suffer psychopathy. How DARE you suggest that tM is a psychopath.

      And how dare you suggest I should shut my mouth because the gods “can speak for themselves”?

      Believe you me, if m’Lady hadn’t wanted me to write this post, it wouldn’t friggin be here.

      So if you’ve got an issue with my posting it, maybe you should take it up with Her.

      Glad I was able to give you fodder for your blog.

      Fodder =! Work.

      Calling out bullshit like this is part of my Work. You minimized psychopathy and the abuse people suffer because of it. See above, about how this post wouldn’t be here if She didn’t want me to say it.

      and thanks for the traffic. I will see if I can return the favor one day.

      hahahaha, is that supposed to be a threat? Oh my gods, you might link to me. Or disagree with something I say. How scary. I am shaking in my little witch boots here.

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