I already talked about one of my patrons on the Patronage and Deeper Relationships post, so this one is just going to be a quick list of the patrons I currently have and what They rule over/why They’re my patron.


Brighid is the patron of my writing and my pursuit of writing as a career. As a goddess of creativity and the fires of inspiration, not to mention patron of bards, this is definitely Her purview. I think the reason I was thwapped by Her in the first place was because of my writing. Writing is something She wants me to continue to do, come hell or high water, and She’ll put the fire in my head to do it. (And if I don’t, that fire will become a headache really quick.)


Hecate claimed me at SMF. It’s only recently that I’ve realize She wants to be my patron in that She wants to support my endeavors in witchcraft as a secular practice. I’ve only been recently getting back into witchcraft, and it’s been feeling good to do. I was confused about our relationship for the longest time, because She claimed me but then there was…well, nothing. It was only when I wrote the patronage post a few days ago that I realized what She really wants from me: get thee to a witchery!

(Side note, can a witchery be a real thing, where it’s like a nunnery but full of witches? Because that would be awesome.)


Shemhazai is one of Elua’s blessed Companions, who valued knowledge and gave Terre d’Ange written language. “All knowledge is worth having.” I consider him a patron regarding not only my academic life, but also just my life in general — I’m an autodidact and constantly teaching myself new things. I do truly believe that all knowledge is worth having. Also, I see Shemhazai as a patron regarding my work as a publisher, in some ways — working as a publisher requires me to teach myself new things all the time. I am constantly seeking knowledge in my quest to put out good books. I have no formal training and so must rely on my autodidact nature to learn new publishing things.

(Now I sit here and wait for the general frothing over my choosing a fictional deity as one of my patrons. Pop culture paganism, lions, and tigers, oh my!)


Epiphany is an Otherfaith spiritĀ of books, inspiration, and chance. I recently made the decision to start honoring her as one of my patrons, so we’ll see where this goes. I see her as a patron for writing and publishing, alongside Shemhazai and Brighid. Publishing, obviously, creates books, and chance is actually a part of the industry. Also, inspiration is a part of making a book, beyond the initial writing phase — how do you think I come up with covers and graphics?

*Yup, I’m officially an Other Person now. I think it was only a matter of time. Now I have FOUR pantheons! Wheeeeeee!