44 Days of Witchery, Day 39: Something that inspires you.

The Anticraft. (Maaaay not be safe for work, depending on where you work.)

I mean, it quite literally inspires me to do things. I’ve made their Swamp Witch shawl and the Life and Death backpack already, and have a huge list of other things I want to try. All filed away in my Witch / Craft bookmarks folder, which includes spells, crafting, and cooking. Because witchcraft is daily life.

The backpack. It turned out really well, even if the fumes made me ill. (Duct tape has fumes. MAD fumes.)


The shawl. I made it 7 feet long, excluding fringe. Not blocked yet.


Close-up of shawl colors. I call it Harvest Witch.


Both were fairly easy. Actually, the 7-foot shawl was easier than the duct tape bag, if only because of my relative lack of experience in the latter crafting area.

Regardless, I’m very proud of myself.

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