Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship

I should be sleeping, but I wanted to blog about this briefly.

Several friends of mine (online and off) are part of this organization, so I’ve known about it for several months now, however tangentially. I’ve used the website as a resource when it came to aspects of forging my own NeoCeltic path. I didn’t think I would join the organization; organized anything doesn’t appeal to me.

That has changed. For whatever reason, I have come to the decision to join ADF and take the Dedicant’s study program. Well, for several reasons, despite my misgivings.

My misgivings are thus:

  1. I’m a WITCH, not a DRUID!
  2. But I JUST got stuff figured out with my path! Now I’m thinking of doing something different? What’s wrong with me?

My reasons for joining are thus:

  1. I can be a Witch and a Druid. Morgan le Fay was. According to the Mists of Avalon, which is fiction I know. But that’s completely the same because shut up. (I know, I’m stretching here, but…well, fiction is a type of truth.)
  2. All knowledge is worth having.
  3. I wish to take formal clergy training someday, but not necessarily Wiccan clergy training. ADF offers clergy training after doing the dedicant’s path.
  4. Fucking guilds, man. If you’ve been reading me, or if you know me well enough, I bet you could find at least 3 that I’d be very, very interested in joining. At least.
  5. I’m getting the feeling that this is the nebulous “next step” that I’ve known about for a while, but not know what it is. Wish They were more straightforward, but alas.
  6. ADF will give me a better framework for working with my Gods, and as I have 4 of them now…that’s important to me.
  7. Community. What I’m always stretching, searching for. I’m a wounded iconoclast. I long for a home. (This is a really deep wound with me; I don’t want to get into detail right now because it would turn this into a huge post, but I will write about it at a later date.)

Of course. The difficult part will be finding a way to balance my ADF and my Feri/Reclaiming stuff. Or maybe it won’t be so difficult; I suppose I won’t really know until I’m deep in the sweetwater.

I guess we’ll see. Now I have to find 25 dollars to pay for the membership (and yes, my finances are so bad that that’s an issue).

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  1. Congrats! I guess you’re not the only one with your own way being in ADF from what I’ve heard about it. And yes, that guild stuff sounds interesting. A pity I haven’t seen anything from ADF in Germany yet. I’m starting to get curious. 😉

    I wish you fun, interesting learning and making new friends.


    1. Thank you! 🙂

      When you say it’s not in Germany, do you mean there are no groves? Because you can study as a solitary. It’s what I’m doing, even though there are groves in my area. I prefer solitary for the most part.

  2. Sorry, I’m late to this blogpost of yours, but I want to wish you the best for this step.
    I think ADF is a pretty good choice.
    If it comes to organizations, this would be the only one I’d be tempted to join – if they were around in Germany (as Waldfrau mentioned.)
    And I’m sure you’ll manage fine with the combination of everything. 🙂

    1. Thanks!

      no worries about being late; as you can tell, I’m slow to reply to comments, so…. 🙂

      And so far, things are doing fine. So looks like my worries were unfounded. ^_^

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