Considering 30 Days of Deity Devotion

Because I need a new blogging project, obviously, when I haven’t even completed 30 Days of Paganism.

Actually, I think it can work. I’ll obviously continue to do my 30 Days of Paganism, as I am inspired to write the posts — and I can do the 30 Days of Deity Devotion on the same, no-schedule schedule. As the posts come to me. (Trying to put them all out in 30 consecutive days is a recipe for madness.)

I’m thinking, though, that I’ll be posting them at my shrine blogs for each deity (Brighid, the Morrigan, Manannan, and Aphrodite/Naamah/Aphrodite-Naamah) — and if I choose to do the project for a deity I don’t have a shrine blog for, I’ll post those posts here. This gives me something I can do on a semi-regular basis for my shrine blogs, so they don’t sit gathering dust.

This also, obviously, works in my whole “writing and art as devotional work” thing. So I do think it’s a good idea.

The post that gave me the idea to do this can be found here, at The Lefthander’s Path. I’ll be adding my own page about it shortly.



3 replies on “Considering 30 Days of Deity Devotion”

  1. Great!
    I’m thinking on doing one for Fionn mac Cumhaill- am currently typing up notes from a book I read years ago to give me some material. I am just starting to get back into spiritual practice, and the 30 Days is a nice framework to give me focus.

    I’ll add you to my list when you post a couple times (will list more than once for each deity)

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