Ritualis Interruptus (Weekly Ritual, February 5th)

Yesterday my realtor was supposed to come by. I waited all day; got a phone call in the afternoon, and then she sent somebody else to pick up a piece of paperwork. This morning I think I’m probably safe till the afternoon.


So my ritual got cut short. No meditation, no prayer. I had specific witchcraft stuff to do today, though, so there was an actual purpose to creating sacred space and casting the circle — I didn’t just cast and immediately take down, though it sort of felt that way.

I’ve made a blessing spray and wards for my new place. The blessing/energetic cleansing spray was made last night and just waiting to be blessed in ritual today. The wards I made before this morning’s rituals.

(I’ll do a fuller post on how I made the wards and blessing spray after. Right now I just want to recap the ritual.)

After putting together the six wards I made for the new place, I lit my three candles, created holy water, and lit the incense. I consecrated the space with the four elements, and then cast the sphere.

Because today is today, I forgot things for the ritual before starting it, so it shuddered along like a car with a flat tire on a dirt road.

I blessed and consecrated the blessing spray with the power of the elements and the power of the Three (Brighid, Manannan, Morrigan/Sea, Sky, Land). I then set it aside and started on the wards.

And realized I wanted to consecrate each ward to a specific room (there are 6; 5 rooms in the new place plus a yard) and wouldn’t have any way of remembering. So I left the sphere (I don’t cut a door; I leave by aligning my energy with the sphere and then just passing through it) and grabbed 6 different colours of nail polish.

As soon as I blessed the first ward with the power of the elements and the power of the Three, my phone rang. Actually, my phone rang before I finished the blessing. I waited for caller ID to announce who it was and lo and behold, it was my realtor. I hurriedly left the sphere and ran to catch the phone before it went to the answering machine, and she wanted to come down right that second. I asked her to give me 15 minutes to finish up what I was doing, and then ran back to ritual.

(I’m typing this up directly after ritual; she still hasn’t shown up.)

Then I had to do things the quick way. I blessed the rest of the wards to each room, marked them with the appropriate nail polish colour, and set them aside. No time for meditation or prayer, because now I have to clean up my ritual stuff after ritual. I take down the sphere and blow out the candles and begin to hurriedly clean — not just my ritual space, but the rest of the house.

I’ll have to do meditation later today.

How I feel: frazzled, irritated, like I want to smash the phone with a godsdamned hammer. I need to start getting up really early on Wednesday and doing my ritual first thing, so I can be sure no one will bug me.

Well. More sure than I am now.

(Also, we won’t have a landline in the new place. So I just have to turn my cell phone to silent and that will cut down on potential interruptions by 95%.)


PS: She’s here.

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