So you may have noticed a change on this site. Not only to the theme (again, I know), but to the title and tagline.

Let me talk a little about that.

First, the change has been coming for a while. I just didn’t know how it was going to happen. I’ve been dissatisfied with the title “The Mundane Mystic” for a while now, and felt it was cramping my blogging style. (My blog titles have a direct impact on how often I write.) I didn’t feel like anything I wrote here was “mundane mystic” enough for the site. So my writing suffered.

I mentioned that I am planning on opening up a witchcraft store. I am working on that currently, and recently came up with the name for my (online) shop: Everyday Magic: Old School Witchcraft for Modern Life.

Well, once I decided on the name, I realized that that was what I want this blog to be about: the witchcraft I do (old school) and how it impacts my life (modern). So the title of this blog became the same title of my future shop, with one minor tweak.

What does this mean for the blog? Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to quit writing about mystic things, or ranting about things, or being political or radical. I’m just shifting focus a bit. I want to talk more about witchcraft; the witchcraft I’m doing, learning, attempting. The old school stuff I want to get back to. I’m focusing less on religion in my life right now and more on craft and practice, and the blog is going to reflect that.

What about the shop? Patience! Everyday Magic the shop is not ready to be launched yet. I have a lot more work to do before I can open up my online store — like reading and researching things like legalities and how to make an online shop succeed, for example. Or pricing out my supplies so I know how much to charge for items so I can make a profit but still be fair to my customer base. Deciding what products I’m going to start out selling and what I might include later, as my shop expands. Figuring out efficient shipping (I think to start I’m going to have to limit myself to shipping within Canada, because shipping from this country is an awful experience). Clearing a working space in my home (that one’s tough). Finding good-priced containers in which to package my products. Testing products to make sure they work.

What I do know is that I will definitely be selling magic powders, which are mostly-herbal blends designed for specific purposes. I’ve written a few recipes and so far have tested out one of the powders, which definitely works. This bodes well for the other recipes I’ve created.

Other plans include (and hopefully I’ll be able to do these things): alternative altar cloths (ie, not just pentacles). Sigils in various formats. Amulets. Salves (vague possibility; might not happen for quite some time). Tarot or oracle readings. Having a vendor table at local pagan events.

Accomplishing a lot of these things depends on my having time and money, which will only really come after I start working at my job and making enough to pay rent (and thus look towards putting extra money towards other things). Also I need time to really learn how to be a businessperson. So it’s likely I won’t be launching the store until the end of this year; possibly the beginning of or even mid-2016. There’s a lot of groundwork that I have to set down first.

Still, I wanted to let my blog readers know what was going on with me and the blog, so consider this an unofficial announcement, with many things subject to change.

I really want this venture to succeed. I’ve wanted to open up a witch shop for ages now, and I think people could really benefit from what I have to offer.

Crossing my fingers!